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SEPT 13, 2018

2018/2019 Committee Team Application Form

Position Descriptions and Responsibilities

All team coordinators are also expected to be acting as ambassadors of the YFP. This includes being capable of advocating for what we do when others ask and sharing all content posted on YFP social media channels.*

Responsible for:
  • Maintenance of organization books
    • Monthly FS needed
  • Updated and timely journal entries
  • Budget creation
    • Required for any events or initiatives
  • Acting main contact with Feds Accounting
    • Become familiar with Feds financing process
    • Acquiring filling reimbursement forms etc.
  • Reporting to the President firstly and COO secondly
Responsible for:
  • Creation and innovation of client deliverables
  • Conducting private client sessions
    • Responsible for following up with clients
    • Will be collaborating with outreach coordinators to book sessions
  • Delivering content presentations at events
  • Reporting to the Lead Consultant
Other Details:
  • MUST have personal investing experience (AKA: you must CURRENTLY have a direct trading account and be investing in the stock market)
    • Better than average proficiency in market terminology
    • Awareness of fundamental investment tools such as: stocks, ETFs, mutual funds, GICs and bonds
    • Awareness and utilization skills of public market resources such as: Investopedia, Morningstar, Google/Yahoo Finance
    • Utilization skills with online trading platforms, for example: Questrade, TD Direct Investing, BMO InvestorLine etc.
  • ​Prior client/customer service experience an asset
  • The consulting associate will be directly focused on working with clients to assist them by informing the client on how they may establish their first investment portfolio. The goal of the consulting practice is not to provide stock advice to our clients. It is to help them create a platform for them to be able to begin investing for themselves. Disclaimer: the associate, IS NOT, in any way permitted or required to advise clients on what to actually invest in. They would merely be providing non-licensed, non-professional aid.
  • Acquisition of Investor of The Week Submissions:
    • Will be working with with branding and marketing team for promotion materials
  • Acquisition of Consulting Clients:
    • Will need to become familiar with how our the practice works (You will be trained)
  • Reporting to the President firstly and COO secondly
Other Details:
  • Has the possibility to become a consulting associate in the future according to development of investing proficiency
  • Operation of social media channels
    • Posting will be quite often (almost daily)
  • Creation of graphics content for social media
  • Creation of promotional items for social media
  • Creation of chapter release content cover photos
  • Reporting to the President firstly and COO secondly
Other Details:
  • Photography/Videography capabilities an asset

Responsible for:
  • Development and execution of sponsorship strategy
  • Drafting of all necessary sponsorship materials
  • Creation and maintenance of sponsor relationships
  • Reporting to the President firstly and COO secondly
Responsible for:
  • Scheduling of all events
    • Set dates
    • Coordination of extra items such as refreshments (Collaborate with finance team for budgets)
    • Acquisition of tech items (if necessary)
    • Acting as an event liaison (Be able to answer questions by peers about our events)
  • Booking and securing of event locations
  • Promotion of events
    • Collaborate with branding team
    • Word of mouth marketing
    • In-class promotionals
  • Maintenance of event attendance records
  • Reporting to the President firstly and COO secondly