How We Use Sponsorship
Funding that is used to ensure our quality of offering is kept at top capacity levels.
(Annual website fees etc.)
Funding that is allocated to branding the YFP initiative and increasing reach. 
(Facebook ads, linkedin ads, professional cover art etc.)
Funding that is allocated to discovering new outlets to improve the YFP experience.
(Events, contests, future initiatives etc.)

How Sponsors Benefit

  • Business/organizational promotion through our media distribution channels (Corporate Sponsor)
  • Appearance on our VIP sponsorship list that is periodically passed through all our channels (Personal Sponsor)

Step 1:

Options to send sponsorship funding

1. Please send an electronic transfer to [email protected] followed by sending an email with the transfer password also to [email protected]


2. If you would rather send a cheque for funding please email [email protected] for details of where to send the cheque and whom to address it to
Step 2: Click here to join the Sponsorship List
We would like to say that your contribution is more than just a generous donation to the cause. It is an investment in the future of our world. Truly, thank you.