Our Purpose: 
We are a collective created to help youth unleash their long-term financial potential.

  1. Our Vision
  2. Our Goals




The Young Funds Program is an initiative tasked with a clear mission: To equip young individuals with a forward thinking mindset. Through introducing youth to investing while at an early age we seek to empower them to harness the ability to invest early and maximize their financial potential. This will provide greater benefit for their future lives, and in turn, our future society at large. Working today to provide a brighter tomorrow promotes the common good. It also defines the ulterior motive of the Young Funds Program. 
  • To change the way young people view their financial opportunities
  • To show young people the importance of taking action toward executing their ideas and aspirations early on in life
  • To demonstrate the power of thinking ahead and encourage our youth and young adults to do so
 The YFP Aims To Be Able To:

  • Clearly identify the advantages of investing money from a young age
  • Provide a platform of information, resources and support for young people to leverage basic investment opportunities
  • Create a community of empowered young individuals who are aware and take hold of their financial future 

What We Offer

  1. Workshop and Education Events
    Group wide sessions covering introductory to intermediate topics of personal investing
  2. Consulting Engagements
    1-on-1 investment coaching for individuals looking get start their investing journey or build investing acumen. See the 'OUR SERVICES' page
  3. Content Provision
    Segment releases of original content on investing fundamentals and the stock market

What makes us different: 
We are a ​"For the Youth, by the Youth" startupWe focus on working with young individuals particularly... Who better to help them begin their journey in investing than their fellow experienced up and comers who can directly empathize with their situation?

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